Thursday, January 11, 2007

from the team

Hi everyone, I didn’t get a chance to get the letter out yesterday, but Mark did call. Wednesday Jill had a meeting at 8:30 with other organizations that are working in Liberia. Pam spent the day with Robert’s wife. She helped make bread and also helped make dinner for the team. I am sure she really enjoyed this. Mark said she had a very good day. Tony took Mark, Eric, and Koligar to a village about 35 miles away from Monrovia. Tony stayed at this location for four months during the war. They went to visit Mr. Dixson (he let Tony stay there) and to see the school that he started. The building is made of mud bricks. They are in need of money to build a concrete school. Mr. Dixson asked that we pray about this. While at this village, there were some muslim men. Mark said he got to see Tony in action and that it was so cool. Tony is so smart and good with his words. Mark said Tony really made the men think. For dinner they went back to Robert’s house. They had some time before dinner so Mark played with the kids (which he loves to do-we miss him). Mark did not have any pressing prayer requests. He said Jill is feeling better and the computer turns on, but still has some kind of short. The money situation is growing tighter so he has decided not to call home anymore. I have to call him which is also expensive. So, I am not sure how much info I will be able to get for the next 4 to 5 days. They get home at 5:40p.m. in Moline on Monday the 15th. Please pray everything goes well for them and the families here, Amy


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