Thursday, January 11, 2007

1/11 Update from Amy

Pam says “HI!” to Jake, Alex, Beth and Lucy. She misses you all very much. Only about 4 more days to go! As for the rest of the group, they are doing well. This morning Tony brought Koigar’s kids to the complex for a visit. They sang for the team. The kids are not able to get out much, so this was a treat for them. This afternoon Jill had a meeting with the minister of health. Then the team drove to Tony’s mother-in-laws house. They had lunch there. After this they drove to Victoria’s house. She is Tony’s sister. Her husband is a Representative in Liberia. They had dinner with them. They also meet with Reverend Wilfitoe, he pastor’s a church that the Ngwayah’s help support. They felt they had a very good day as they meet with more Liberians in their homes. Tony felt this is the best way to build relationships. Mark said today they got stopped at a check point for the first time. It took about 30 minutes. He said it was interesting. Mark will not call tomorrow so I will not send out an e-mail. He said they plan to go to a market and to an orphanage. They are hoping to go to look at the house for the library. They are also hoping to take Koligar’s kids with them. On Saturday they have been invited to a celebration for the New Year. They are looking forward to it. Please pray for Robert and Koligar as it is hard on them to get to know people and then have them leave. Thank you for the prayers for those of us back here (me). God has given me more patience than I thought I could possible have, plus fewer fighting boys than usual. This makes the time without Mark so much easier. Thanks again, Amy


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