Saturday, August 05, 2006

Miss Personality

Tonight we attempted to dine out with a missionary from church. Our track record for eating out with friends hasn't been so good so this was tempting all kinds of fate. We made it through 90% of the meal just fine. Lucy disappeared after Eric to get dessert off the buffet. A slight twinge of doubt ran through my body as she slipped around the corner. But I knew she was sort of "with" Eric so I blew off the thought. About 10 seconds later I heard a loud whaling from the buffet line. I knew...

I quickly approached the scene. Eric was standing next to an empty dessert tray consoling Lucy. Apparently she had ran up to the counter and just before she took the last piece of pizza another gentleman snagged the piece and never looked back. She was heartbroken. It doesn't end here.

The nice teenage boys behind the cash register messing around as the night wound down saw Lucy's turmoil and took pity on her. "We'll throw another dessert pizza in and bring it out! Don't worry," they reassured her. I took this as: it will be at least 10 minutes so go back to your seats. Lucy, on the other hand, was hell bent on staying right there by the cash registers until that pizza came out.

After realizing there was no little person following me back to my seat I took a swig of diet coke and returned to Lucy's waiting post. I found her with 4 teenage boys surrounding her playing a toothpick game (don't worry, I think most of them were Calvary kids). She had them all entertained. A short time went by and they brought out the pizza. Aware I was ready to leave they had made a small pizza just for her and boxed it up to go. She took the pizza and said something like, "It's about time boys!" Then she smiled at them and said thank you. I had to laugh to myself as they called her by name and gave her high fives when we left.


Blogger DGranny said...

Oh Lucy, you have your dad's sense of humor and your mom's way with people. You'll do well in life.
At least she didn't dump it all!
Love you Lucy!!!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I love Lucy stories....

9:09 PM  
Blogger Cassie said...

me too! she is a riot.

10:27 PM  

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