Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This one's for Jody :)

This story is for Jody for all the crap she puts up from all of us teasing her about baking cookies...

First impressions are crucial. I was going to make a good impression on the kindergarten teacher when she came to visit today. We decided on chocolate chip caramel cookies. We ran some errands and got home just in time to bake them before she came. I was hurrying and didn't realize when I stuck them in the oven that one fell off onto the bottom. Within about 6 minutes my whole house was filled with smoke and a nice burnt smell. This was about 3 minutes before the teacher arrived. Not only did the house burn your eyes but also the cookies tasted like smoke. And, of course we didn't get a chance to try them until she left...with a plate full of cookies. So much for a decent reputation of cookie baking. :)


Blogger jody said...

that was so kind, Pam.
It will be no time before the kindergarten teacher knows the truth about you....

4:50 PM  
Blogger Cassie said...

who gives her crap?

6:57 AM  

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