Thursday, September 28, 2006

My 6 am Exercise Partner

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

After School Noise

I was just sitting here after school today contemplating whether or not I had time to blog. It was too distracting. Lucy was in time-out in her room, only she felt the need to stand at the bottom of the front stairs and scream, "Can I get out of my room?" for 30 minutes. Occasionally I looked down at her and said, "Not until it's quiet." And then I ignored her. Jake was making obnoxious drumming noises and playing an air guitar while supposedly doing homework. Beth was quiet as a mouse reading on her bunk (also in time-out...can you tell who the compliant one is?). Alex was sitting across from Jake at the dining room table yelling over and over, "Can somebody help me with my homework? Jake won't help me!" And then occasionally I heard the familiar after school song on repeat, "I'm HUUNNNNNGGGGRRRRY!" I think it's fair to point out June Cleaver was only ACTING like she had it all together. :)

On a sidenote, yesterday I was lying in my bed after school wishing my meds would kick in faster, feeling yucky. I had made all the kids promise to stay inside so I could rest. Just as I dozed off I heard a little voice outside my window yell, "Hi neighbor!" across two acres. And I'm sure everyone can guess who that one was!

An uneventful week...

I've been struggling this week. Bottom line.

But I DID go to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

It seems that when we near the end of a trial that it gets more difficult before the struggles ease.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

I got a nap.
They got glitter.
Fair trade.
Everyone happy.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Reflections

1. One time a guy told me I made his buttons pop off. Now I'm just popping out of my own buttons.

2. I'm no longer the kid. I'm in charge.

3. Gum is worse than my mom let on. But then again, she didn't have Lucy. (I was a perfect angel)

4. Boys either hate to shower and fight you to take one or they expend the hot water heater when everyone else is waiting in the wings.

5. In spite of not reading the bible from front to back kids seem to have a better handle on the theology of love.

6. I have to set 4 alarm clocks to get myself up in time...and even then I am late.

7. If you have a child who repeatedly pees in the bed and you're out of pull-ups just make her sleep in a sleeping bag. It's waterproof. (didn't know you were actually going to get an education out of this list, did you??)

8. Tell everyone you're going to go take a nap and they'll leave you alone to blog.

9. It takes longer to teach a child to do their chore but the time spent is worth a lifetime of slavery.

10. If you can still see the floor of the laundry room there is hope.

11. Never walk barefoot across the kitchen floor after the girls have been "cooking". Right now there is a sandy mixture of sugar and cinnamon spread to every corner. Oh, and eggs are too hard to clean off plates and the smell leaves you gasping for breath. I say eggs because they don't just make 1 or 2. They make a dozen.

12. The burning in my heart today of what I wanted to be when I grow up is still aflame as fervently as it was when I was 8. I want to remember this so I can listen to the desires of my little people and help nurture their talents and passions so they don't wonder some day if it will ever be...or if they missed it.

13. Being myself (even if I do say what comes to my mind and most of the time it is really out there) is much easier than being on guard.

14. Satan can use "good" people to distract us and do his bidding. And God can use "bad" people (like me) to do His work.

15. Sometimes I find myself thinking I am closer to friends than they think they are to me. I realized it is because I pray for them. Praying for someone creates a deep spot in one's heart that reminds us to love them in action.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sick Mommy

I have been sick off and on for over a week and a half. I am not one to go to the fact when Eric "recommended" in a forceful sort of way that I go to the doctor I couldn't for the life of me think of who to go to. I've gone one time (aside from the annual girl doctor) since I moved here over three years ago. I saw some doctor on call and she blew off my symptoms and I ended up calling Kansas for relief...and even that was probably 2 years ago. I have this phobia with doctors, dentists, whoever probes at me. But I think I may have to give in. The comments about the dishes in the sink and the laundry strown about are getting louder. I'm just so exhausted and can't get anything done! (AND NO...I AM NOT HAVING ANY MORE KIDS SO JUST STOP THINKING THAT IS MY PROBLEM)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


This picture was in my head two days this morning I was armed with the camera. Jake is responsible to get Lucy to the bus stop on time, without losing her. Words can't describe the feelings I have when I see them step up to the plate and take care of each other.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Candy Bar Sales Become Desperate

Here's the contents of a poster we made to attach to a box of candy bars to sell at E's office:

Please feel sorry for us and buy a candy bar. Our dad is too busy to help us.


PROCEEDS go to Madison School PTO. THANK YOU!

Jake, Alex, Beth and Lucy


I just got in from a Newcomer's Luncheon. I joked with someone how "pretty" all these moms must feel whose normal attire is sweats and tennis shoes. I was at the top of that list! I felt pretty for a while (and she even started singing the song to me!) with my black high heeled boots on and a starched brown button-up shirt topping off black dress pants. But, after a while the "pretty" wore off and I longed to be back in my comfy "normal" dress code. I'm so grateful to be a stay at home mom! I have the best job in the world. And, it is nice once a month to feel "pretty".

(for those of you wondering if I stopped going to church...our church is casual and I'd feel out of place wearing this outfit to church! YES, we still go to church!) :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


An actual Good Housekeeping Article from 1955...I think if you double click on the picture you can read the words. THANKS VICKI for keeping me accountable. :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

"Most Christians would rather be happy than feel the wounds of other people's sorrows."

AW Tozer

I found this today while studying Jonah. Praying I would not be like "most".

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In my bathtub

In my bathtub I keep writing these great books in my head. I outlined this phenomenal presentation for a meeting on Saturday. I even created a really clever blog entry about my bathtub brainstorming sessions. Only problem is the only place I can remember all my good ideas and witty words the bathtub. Somehow I've got to figure out how to take notes while I'm shampooing my hair so I can capture these million dollar ideas I keep having. I'm not sure Eric would appreciate a voice recorder in the bathroom. :)


Eric took the kids to 5 houses to sell candy bars tonight while I went to PTO. He said he only dealt with 2 melt downs, 18 bars sold, 1 umbrella demolished (brand new), $1 lost out of Beth's pockets (because of course that's where the money from sold bars should go) and 4 kids unbathed and not in bed at 8 pm. Sounds like a mathematical equation waiting to happen. I'd like the answer to include $160 miraculously appearing and all the candy bars out of my house. Next year I'm opting out of 4 kids selling candy bars.

It WAS nice of him to take them and train them in the door-to-door salesmanship. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Clowning around

This retired rodeo clown has captured the hearts of my girls. They love to beg him to play and last night he was spinning them. He started with the time he got to Alex I think he was regretting his playfulness. :) His wife is so nice to share him with my girls!

Dinner for Two

Candles sparkling on the dining table, china and wine glasses prepared for a feast, Frank Sinatra subtly playing in the background. Coconut gingered salmon ready to serve, fresh Roma lettuce with a delightful array of vegetables from the garden dressed with a garlic vinaigrette, fresh whole wheat and cornbread muffins, hot bread pudding with homemade caramel sauce and chilled Chinese Red wine. A dinner ready for two. All we need is for #2 to come home and partake. I'm pretty sure he's had a rough day so I hope this makes it better.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm really tired. That's really all that is going on today...

Lucy Story

I forgot to blog a Lucy story the other day I don't want to forget. The other morning I went down to get Lucy because she was taking too long to brush her teeth. I could smell an aroma from the hallway as I neared the bathroom. She had drenched herself with Eric's cologne for school. Seriously, it was 8 am and no time to take another bath so I sent her smelling like a sexy old man to school. I'm sure her teacher appreciated it. :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh my. I put my babies on the bus this morning. I had to turn my back and walk away to hide the tears that were flowing. I'm sure they're fine. Just another opportunity for them to gain confidence and independence.

Lucy fell asleep in the car last night at 5:30 pm while we were running errands. She slept straight through. I guess kindergarten is a little exhausting!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I met this spunky old lady yesterday named Ursula. She had this wonderful accent that I almost recognized. I asked her what her decent was and it was German. It opened up a whole conversation because my background is German. I told her aside from old hymns the only thing I knew in German was something my Grandpa and Uncle Melvin taught me when I was younger but never would tell me what it meant. I even mentioned it in my grandfather's funeral hoping someone would know. The phrase was something like "Y it bit stukerich". I can pronounce it still almost exactly like they taught me. Come to find out my Grandpa and his brother-in-law are pretty ornery fellows. The phrase means "You are stupid." Hmmm. I bet he's still laughing about that one from heaven. Goes to show you where I get my sense of humor from. Anyway, Ursula was a joy to converse with and I loved hearing her speak. She said she hadn't stepped foot in a church in years so she probably wouldn't recogize the hymns I knew in German. That made me pretty sad. Sad enough that I haven't stopped thinking about Ursula. Makes me want to go back to the yarn shop and visit her again sometime.

The Weather Reporters

The kids were reporting the weather Monday night and were very excited about the rain. They have a weather club and when they see dark skies they all pretend to be meteorologists. I think Jake is the cult leader. The club gets really serious when Tornado season is upon us. They love that.

She's sweet

There's no room for sleeping in Jake's bed

Labor Day

Eric took a break from his homework and took us out to the Chart House for supper on Labor Day. Not my favorite spot but the kids love it and we all love the river. It was a relaxing evening.

For My Dad

Maybe someday you'll buy that boat you're always talking about...

Must Love Dogs

Monday, September 04, 2006

Who am I?

Days like today are days I enjoy most on this earth. I really believe this may be a part of heaven. I love the mixed smell of rain and campfire, the brisk, cool air and the soothing sounds of the breeze and drops hitting the patio. I've been sitting out on the deck relishing the breath taking view over the bright green grasslands and early fall colored trees mixed with foggy rolling hills here in Mark Twain. Speaking even more to my heart this morning was God's words through Os Guiness:

"Needless to say, recognizing who we aren't is only the first step toward knowing who we are...Released from what was "not me," my discovery of my calling enabled me to find what I was."
I was planning to post all the "inappropriate things I've said to people this week" but now I can't remember them in detail. All I know is that I get nervous around people and say whatever comes to my mind...which is very bad. E is trying to finish last night's assignments while yelling over the loft for everyone to shush. Can't do anything fun until he's done. So we almost silence...(that was a joke if you've ever been here so laugh, would you??).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Challenging the System

Well, the first day at school and Lucy's report to daddy was, "I almost got sent to the principal's office." Jake was watching her like a hawk too and accounted for every time he saw her out of line. She apparently ran in the halls, got out of the lunch line, tried to run over to him and hug him, and talked too much (and this doesn't include the teacher's report yet!). Unlike some of my friends with boys, I'm getting words from every little person in this household detailing school. So far, Beth is the only one who doesn't like school and she was the one I WASN'T going to be worried about. Many funny stories from today but after school the principal stopped me with a typical Lucy story. She told me how Dr. Williams (I think he's the superintendent of schools?) came to visit today and see the new Kindergartners. Lucy jumped up and ran over to him and gave him a big hug and then went back to her seat. The principal asked Dr. Williams if he knew Lucy and he said he didn't so she asked if that happens a lot and he again said no. So, Lucy is defying her claim to be "shy". One day down...about 179 to go. least the principal is nice! :)

I tearfully dropped the kids off this morning and practically drove home at the speed of lightening to enjoy my free day. I took Moby on a long walk and then showered and went to a party for mom's who sent their babies to Kindergarten today and friends. I had some good socializing with mommies experiencing the same day I was. And then all the seasoned mom's with last year's kindergartners started getting up to leave for "luncheon appointments". So, I guess the trendy thing to do is go to lunch. I'll work on that next week. :) Then I had lunch with my husband...alone. First alone time we've had in ages. I went grocery shopping...alone. For some reason it took me twice as long. I don't know if it was because I wasn't panicking to get out of the store before a necessary clean-up order came in for aisle 9 or because I was just enjoying reading labels and shopping leisurely. Whatever the case, it took me most of the afternoon. I barely made it home in time to unload the groceries and head back to the "free" day already at an end. And then, my car wouldn't start. Eric had gone to sleep (still on nights today) and I had to wake him and he came out and got it started in his underwear. That scene alone was just humorous enough that I didn't give him any crap about my junky car. I was late picking up Lucy on her first day of school. But, she could've cared less.

Reality - I just sent my last kid to Kindergarten

It doesn't seem like too long ago I was walking Jake into the elementary school that I attended for his first day of Kindergarten. But today, 4 years later I walked my last kid to the door of another new school for her first day of kindergarten. It was a day filled with roller coaster emotions. I am so glad she was excited to go to school. In fact, she suggested I drop her off at the corner and let her go by herself. She said to me, "Don't cwy mommy. I'ww be ok…I'ww miss you times 5 hundwed." But the other side of that roller coaster is that my kids are all growing up before my very own eyes and it's happening way too fast. I would love to hold the clock even for a short time so I can enjoy these precious moments and concrete them into my memory never to forget how proud I am of them and how much my heart aches for their joys and sorrows. Ugh! So here are some pictures from the exciting day. Lucy was full of hugs for her teacher and for me this morning. More later on all the fun I had on MY first day WITHOUT KIDS! :)